What if you choose cooler in xenoverse 2?

Tianna Beer asked a question: What if you choose cooler in xenoverse 2?
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Just changes which one you fight for training and which soul you get at the end, you'll still get golden form as a Frieza Race even if you pick Cooler.


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âť— What does cooler give you in xenoverse 2?

He will teach you: Shadow Crusher. Feint Crash. Fake Blast.

âť— Is there golden cooler in xenoverse 2?

[XV2] Revamp Xenoverse 2 Add-On – Golden Cooler [Super Dragon Ball Heroes] Another Revamp Xenoverse 2 Add-On, this is the surprise mod i've waited for so long to finally upload… This is Golden Cooler, a transformation reached by Frieza's brother during the events of Prison Planet!

âť— Where is the cooler in xenoverse 2?

Cooler can be found opposite his brother in the Namekian area. He will teach you: Shadow Crusher.

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