What is an area in a star that is cooler than the rest called?

Ofelia Shanahan asked a question: What is an area in a star that is cooler than the rest called?
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❗ Is star wars cooler than star trek?

it for sure is and i stand be hind that

❗ What color of star is hotter than the red star but cooler than the yellow star?

Orange. In fact, these are often still called "red" stars for convenience.

❗ What color star is cooler than the sun?


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A star much cooler than the sun would appear?


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Explain why a cooler star could actually appear brighter than a hotter star?

A cooler star could actually appear brighter than a hotter star because in is not just about the temperature is also depends which one is closer or further away from Earth. Therefore if a cooler star was closer to Earth than a hotter star then the cooler one would appear brighter.

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Why are your fingers cooler than the rest of your body during winter?

cause it is cold in the winter

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Which star is cooler and more brighter than the sun?

There are a lot of these. They are mainly the "Red Giant" and "Red Supergiant" stars.

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Is a yellow star such as the sun hotter or cooler than an orange star?

The yellow star is hotter.

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Which is cooler a hotter star or a cooler star?

  • Cooler stars are redder than hotter stars. The ``B-V color index'' is a way of quantifying this using two different filters; one a blue (B) filter that only lets a narrow range of colors or wavelengths through centered on the blue colors, and a ``visual'' (V) filter that only lets the wavelengths close to the green-yellow band through.

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Lava that is cooler and slower moving is called?

valcanic movement

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What is a ship's cooler called?

Ice locker , the brig ,

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What is a wine cooler called?

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Why are the basements of houses often cooler than the rest of the house in warm weather?

  1. it's underground
  2. sunlight can't get through
  3. warm air flows up

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How long to rest brisket before putting in cooler?

  • You can usually safely rest a brisket up to 4 hours foil-wrapped in a cooler with towels. In my book, the longer the better -- no less than 2 hours and preferably 3 or longer.

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What is darker cooler area of the sun that comes and go in cycles?

the sunspots

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What is a person called a cooler?

Definitions include: a person acting cool, in the "nonchalant" sense of "cool".

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Is it true that warm air holds more water than cooler air?

  • Therefore the supposed paradigm that warm air “holds more water” than cooler air is completely false. If you hear your source for weather information make such a statement, hit him over the head with a HAMweather bat, and point him in the right direction.

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What is higher than an eagle but cooler than a penguin?

a lion :) so awesome

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