Which coast leeward or windward usually has cooler temperatures?

Brigitte Bauch asked a question: Which coast leeward or windward usually has cooler temperatures?
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❗ What region usually has temperatures cooler than temperatures near the equator?

Temperate Zones are usually cooler than the temperatures near the equator.

❗ Why are summer temperatures along california coast cooler than coast of south carolina?

Could be evaporation, ocean currents, latitude or altitude. In the end, you decide.

❗ Diffusion in cooler temperatures?


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Why is it cooler near the coast?

because of the wind coming from over seas

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Why would temperatures in the mountains be cooler than temperatures found in the coastal lowlands?

because of the montians

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Do apples due to cooler temperatures turn red overnight?

no, it takes a couple of days

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How to get your cooler to safe food temperatures?

One of the best ways to keep your food safe is to make sure the temperature inside the cooler is below 40°F. Instead of guessing, tuck an appliance thermometer inside for a foolproof reading. To lock in cold air, keep the lid closed as much as possible.

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Will tomatoes grow in cooler temperatures and excess rain?

  • Growing Tomatoes Successfully Despite Cold Temperatures and Rain You can have success growing tomatoes in cold wet weather. Even if you’re growing tomatoes in cold wet weather, it is possible harvest great fruit. But, it may require some extra careful gardening practices.

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Why is the countryside usually cooler than cities?

  • The temperature contrast from rural to urban areas is typically greatest during clear evenings with light winds. Rural areas cool off much faster at night than cities, as urban areas retain a lot of the heat stored in roads, buildings and other structures.

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Can you buy west coast cooler in scotland?


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Is it cooler at the coast or inland?

  • If you’re a longtime radio listener, the words “cooler at the coast” probably ring a bell, and the temperature differences can be extreme at times. During the summer, beachgoers along the oceanfront can be enjoying temperatures in the 70s while just inland, everyone else is baking in the 90s.

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Which phenomenon is associated with surface temperatures in the eastern pacific that are cooler than average?

La Nina

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What do objects usually do as they become cooler?


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What kind of car usually needs a transmission cooler?

The transmission cooler is suitable for most standard vehicle types, and it proves to be ideal for small to midsize cars and trucks. With the capacity of 18,000 GVWR, it's perfect for towing small loads and ideal for daily situations on the road.

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How many units of alcohol in west coast cooler?

There are 3 units of alcohol in a 750ml bottle of West Coast cooler

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Which climate has summers that are cool to warm with only slightly cooler temperatures in the winter?


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What front may produce thunderstorms and sometimes tornadoes and cooler temperatures?

A front that produces cooler temperatures is called a cold front. In the spring and summer such fronts often produce thunderstorms, which in turn will occasionally produce tornadoes.

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What is the side of a continent with cooler ocean temperatures?


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When earth's orbit elongates are temperatures warmer or cooler than normal?

Temperatures are cooler because the Earth is further from the sun when it elongates.temperture is colder because the earth is farther from the sun

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Why are temperatures normally cooler at night then during the day?

Because the sun supplys heat and at night there is no sun. that is why it is cooler at night

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What prices are usually paid for commercial water cooler delivery?

To find or get a quote it may be easiest to call water cooler companies. Reliable companies such as Poland Spring or Deer Park are usually good to call. Some companies charge a monthly rent but charge only for delivery when needed.

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Why is it cooler on the coast during warm weather?

  • It’s courtesy of the sea breeze effect. National Weather Service meteorologist Walter Drag explains that it occurs due to the difference between the warm air over land and cool air hovering over the ocean (currently around 50 degrees).

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Are temperatures warmer or cooler as you get close to the equator?

Temperatures are warmer as you get closer to the equator.

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Why do temperatures become cooler as you go higher above sea level?

because as you go up the sea level gets higher

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Because of this temperatures become cooler as you go higer above sea level?

Due to elevation, temperatures become cooler the higher above sea level you go. Elevation, simply defined, is the height above a given level.

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Because of this temperatures become cooler as you go higher above sea level?

Because of this, temperatures become cooler as you go higher above sea levelBecause of elevation temperatures become cooler as you go higher above sea level.

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Do temperatures get cooler of warmer as you get closer to the equator?


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