Which features of the sun look dark because they are slightly cooler then the rest of the sun?

Mariane Gleason asked a question: Which features of the sun look dark because they are slightly cooler then the rest of the sun?
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❗ Are sunspots appear dark because they are cooler than the surrounding solar surface?

Yes sunspots appear darker due to how much cooler they are than the surrounding area on the sun.

❗ Are children cooler then adults?

Depends on what age children . Because, I'm a teen and i think teens are cooler than adults and younger kids!

❗ Are girls cooler then boys?

Depends on who is making the statement.

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Sunspots are darker that the rest of the Sun because they are slightly cooler. Looking directly at any part of the Sun will damage your eyes or cause blindness.

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Are sunspots cooler or hotter than rest of sun?

  • Sunspots are cooler than the rest of the Sun, but many scientists think that when there are a lot of sunspots, the Sun actually gets hotter. This affects the weather here on Earth, and also radio reception.

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Are sunspots cooler than the rest of the sun?

Yes because there is a storm going on that causes it to cool.

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Dark dust clouds are cooler than their surroundings?

  • The dark regions are by far the most representative regions of interstellar space. Within these dark voids among the nebulae and the stars lurks another type of astronomical object—the dark dust cloud. These clouds are cooler than their surroundings (with temperatures as low as a few tens of kelvins), and thousands or even millions of times denser.

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