Which is cooler a hotter star or a cooler star?

Jolie Zulauf asked a question: Which is cooler a hotter star or a cooler star?
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  • Cooler stars are redder than hotter stars. The ``B-V color index'' is a way of quantifying this using two different filters; one a blue (B) filter that only lets a narrow range of colors or wavelengths through centered on the blue colors, and a ``visual'' (V) filter that only lets the wavelengths close to the green-yellow band through.


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❗ Explain why a cooler star could actually appear brighter than a hotter star?

A cooler star could actually appear brighter than a hotter star because in is not just about the temperature is also depends which one is closer or further away from Earth. Therefore if a cooler star was closer to Earth than a hotter star then the cooler one would appear brighter.

❗ What color of star is hotter than the red star but cooler than the yellow star?

Orange. In fact, these are often still called "red" stars for convenience.

❗ Is a yellow star such as the sun hotter or cooler than an orange star?

The yellow star is hotter.

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Is it hotter or cooler at the beach?

When the land heats up, the air above it heats up as well. On the other hand, the ocean heats up and cools down relatively slowly. Therefore, areas near the ocean generally stay cooler during the day and have a more moderate temperature range than inland areas.

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What causes summers to be hotter or cooler?

  • During the summer, the sun’s rays hit the Earth at a steep angle. The light does not spread out as much, thus increasing the amount of energy hitting any given spot. Also, the long daylight hours allow the Earth plenty of time to reach warm temperatures.

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Are blue stars hotter or cooler than red stars?

According to Wien's law, red stars are cooler than blue stars. This concept can be easier to understand using a light bulb. For example, when you turn off a light, the temperature of the bulb will decrease and you will notice the bulb turning red. The cooler light becomes, you will notice the obvious change in brightness and the color shifts towards red and the intensity is lowered.

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Are sunspot hotter or cooler than the surrounding areas?


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Are sunspots cooler or hotter on the suns surface?

they are cooler

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Are sunspots cooler or hotter than rest of sun?

  • Sunspots are cooler than the rest of the Sun, but many scientists think that when there are a lot of sunspots, the Sun actually gets hotter. This affects the weather here on Earth, and also radio reception.

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Do clouds become hotter or cooler as they rise?

they rise heat rises

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Is earths mantle hotter or cooler than the crust?

The mantle is hotter than the crust.

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Why are cooler stars red and hotter stars blue?

Ever wondered why some stars appear slightly blue and others red? ... Quite simply, the colour of a star is a measure of its surface temperature. Cooler stars emit more of their light at longer wavelengths and so appear redder; hotter stars emit more of their light at shorter wavelengths and so appear bluer.

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If the sun becomes a red star billions of years from now will it be cooler or hotter than it is now?

It will be cooler but much larger.

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What color star is cooler than the sun?


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What happens to cooler in team four star?

  • Eventually the two Super Saiyans destroy Meta-Cooler, only to be besieged by an army of countless Meta-Coolers created by the Big Gete Star, and taken aboard said Star to have their energy drained. Goku and Vegeta also come face to face with what remains of Cooler's original organic head, now merged with the Big Gete Star.

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Why does an expanding giant star become cooler?

Energy is absorbed in expanding and lifting the gas.

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Is there a way if telling which stars are hotter or cooler by the naked eye?

Stars which are RED are cooler stars than the blue one, so Yes it is possible to distinguish coller stars by the naked eye.Star Betelgeuseis called Ardra in Indian-Astronomy. Ardra in sankrith means wet. Betelgeuse is one of the red star and cooler than other bluestars.I only wonder, how ancientpeople could have imagined this star could be cooler than others and name it as Ardra !

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Are blue-white stars hotter or cooler than red stars?

Red stars are the coolest. Yellow stars are hotter than red stars. White stars are hotter than red and yellow. Blue stars are the hottest stars of all.

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Does a pool cover make the pool hotter or cooler?

it depends if you have a pool heater

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A red star cooler and smaller than our sun?

  • Red dwarfs stars are smaller and cooler than our relatively average star, the Sun. They are also the most common star type in the universe. We think that many red dwarf star systems may have habitable, Earth-like planets that orbit them but replacing our Sun with a red dwarf would be rather disruptive to our Solar System and home planet.

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A star much cooler than the sun would appear?


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How did cooler fuse with the big gete star?

Meta-Cooler Core's Battle Form after having his arm cut off As a result of absorbing Cooler, the Big Gete Star's main computer fused him with it's core, taking on a form known as Meta-Cooler Core, Metal Cooler (nucleus), and Metal Cooler Core.

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What star is smaller and cooler than the sun?


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Are sunspots hotter or cooler than adjacent areas of the sun?

Sunspots are at least 100oC cooler than the rest of the sun! I hope that covers it!

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Can energy pass to a hotter subject to a cooler object?

There's no scientific reason why heat energy can't flow from a cooler objectto a warmer object, making the cool one cooler and the warm one warmer.But the probability of it is so small that the statement "That never happens." isused in the field of Thermodynamics as if the statement were a law of nature.

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Does cooler magama flow more or less quickly than hotter magma?

Cooler magma flows slower than hotter magma.

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