Which star is cooler and more brighter than the sun?

Imelda Sipes asked a question: Which star is cooler and more brighter than the sun?
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❗ Explain why a cooler star could actually appear brighter than a hotter star?

A cooler star could actually appear brighter than a hotter star because in is not just about the temperature is also depends which one is closer or further away from Earth. Therefore if a cooler star was closer to Earth than a hotter star then the cooler one would appear brighter.

❗ Which star is cooler than the sun?

barnard's star

❗ Is star wars cooler than star trek?

it for sure is and i stand be hind that

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There are a lot of these. They are mainly the "Red Giant" and "Red Supergiant" stars.

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Jurassic Park definitely. Totally Jurrasic Park!

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Is a yellow star such as the sun hotter or cooler than an orange star?

The yellow star is hotter.

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Which star is cooler rigel or mira and why?


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Which stars are cooler than the sun?

the temperature of red star is minimum and maximum for blue stars . our sun is yellow colored therefore red stars are coolest than our sun . Take the example of Wolf 359 (a type of red dwarf star ) located in the constellation Leo . the temperature of photosphere of this star is about 2800 kelvin and the temperature of sun's photosphere is 5778 kelvin ( effected )

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Does an object that's cooler than its surroundings emit more radiation than it absorbs?

An object that's cooler than its surroundingsabsorbsmore radiation than it emits.

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How does the hr diagram explain why some smaller cooler stars are brighter than larger hotter stars?

In terms of absolute magnitude, a larger hotter star will necessarily be more luminous than a smaller cooler star. However, if a smaller cooler star is much closer to us than a larger hotter star, it may appear to be brighter. None of this has anything to do with the HR diagram.

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Does cooler magama flow more or less quickly than hotter magma?

Cooler magma flows slower than hotter magma.

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Does cooler magma flow more or less quickly than hotter magma?

when magma is melted at a higher temp. it'll be more runny so cooler magma will be slower than hotter magma

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How can arcturus be cooler and more luminous than the sun?

It is much larger and has a greater surface area than the Sun, so each unit of area can be cooler and less luminous than an equal area on the Sun.

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What is an area in a star that is cooler than the rest called?


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True , because the warmer objects give off more infrared radiation than cooler objects ..

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Clouds are natures "blanket". Cloudy night: The heat is held close to earth's surface. Clear night: The heat radiates off into space.

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Why does an expanding giant star become cooler?

Energy is absorbed in expanding and lifting the gas.

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Are warmer and hotter objects more or less dense than cooler and colder object?

Less dense; the heat spreads the atoms out.

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because warmer colours are warmer than cooler

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