Why do places in coastal areas have cooler climate?

Elisabeth Torp asked a question: Why do places in coastal areas have cooler climate?
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❗ What type of current creates cooler climates in coastal areas?

gulf stream

❗ Why does coastal water in areas with hotter water have drier climates than having higher climates salinity than coastal water in cooler more humid areas?

This is because less fresh water runs into the ocean in drier areas and because heat increases the evaporation rate.

❗ Why does baguio have a cooler climate than other places in the philippines?

Baguio is cooler than in Manila because Baguio is in higher place than in Manila. As we move upwards from sea level the atmospheric pressure decreases so the boiling point of water also becomes decreased. Baguio is also a mountainous place. The higher the place is the cooler the climate.

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Because the sea and sea breezes have a cooling effect on the land.

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Why do some areas of the photosphere become cooler than surrounding areas?

because of you

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Can marijuana survive in a cooler climate?

typically not, you need 80 to 100 degrees F preferrably

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Are tectonic plates pulled toward cooler areas?

  • The plates are moved by heated material in the Earth. The plates float along ocean waves The plates are pulled toward cooler areas. The plates are lifted by the eruption of volcanoes.

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What climate zone is just cooler than subtropical?

Temperate and polar zones are cooler than subtropical

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What is the duration of a cooler climate?

The duration of A Cooler Climate is 1.67 hours.

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What are dark areas cooler than their surroundings?


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What are sunspots cooler than the surrounding areas?

  • Sunspots appear dark to us because they're cooler than the surrounding areas on the sun's visible surface, or photosphere , which has a temperature of about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit (5,537.8 degrees Celsius ). The dark interior of a sunspot, called the umbra, is about 1,600 degrees cooler than the rest of the sun's surface.

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Why are sunspots cooler than the surrounding areas?

I'm not an astrophysicist but I know they are cooler because they are farther away from the source of heat than the surrounding area. The cause of a sun spot is probably excess heat. But as the spot, or eruption, climbs away from the sun it become cooler. It shows as black only because the lenses that are necessary to allow looking at the sun do not allow the smaller amount of light from a spot to be seen. Consider the room where you are. You may be able to see everything in it. But it is not all lit the same and if you put on a pair of sunglasses you might not be able to see areas where you could before. These areas are black, though they are still lit in actual fact.

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Why gardens and forests cooler than rocky areas?

trees and plants release water vapour in the air thereby,reducing the temperature.they also provide shade and absorb much of the heat recieved by the earths surface.whereas, rocky areas are completely bare.thats why gardens and forests are cooler than rocky areas.

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During the summer are places near the ocean hotter or cooler than places inland?

Cooler So in summer, a region near an ocean or lake will be cooler than an inland area at the same latitude.

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Why is the climate at the beach cooler than climate in the country or city?

because city has buildings and the beach does not that affects the temperture

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Do areas of high latitude receive indirect rays from the sun and have cooler temperatures?

yes, high latitude áreas = cold temperatures low latitude áreas = warm temperatures

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Why do alaska has a cooler climate than hawaii?

Alaska is farther away from the equator than Hawaii. Hawaii, therefore, has a warmer climate because it has more direct sunlight.

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Are sunspot hotter or cooler than the surrounding areas?


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Places in florida where temperature are cooler in summer?

10 Authentic Places to Cool Off from the Florida Heat

  • Blue Spring State Park (Volusia County)
  • Crystal River (Citrus County)
  • Ginnie Springs (Alachua County)
  • Ichetucknee Springs & River State Park (Columbia County)
  • Madison Blue Springs State Park (Madison County)
  • Rainbow Springs State Park (Marion County)

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Why are places near the sea cooler in summer?

  • Because of the high specific heat,it takes longer far water to get heated up or to get cooled. During summer days, the land near the sea gets heated up quickly but the sea water remains cool and thus, cool breeze blowing from the sea reduces the heat in the adjoining land area. Thanks, that's a great answer.

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Can a swamp cooler be used in a dry climate?

  • Swamp or evaporative coolers are a great way to cool down your home, especially if you live in a dry climate. Swamp coolers add water to the air to cool it down, raising the humidity in your home. They work best in dry climates. To use a swamp cooler, you first must pick the right one for your home.

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Why is the climate cooler near a body of water?

because water absorbs heat when it evaporates, that's why you sweat.

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Would a higher albedo result in an overall cooler climate?

A higher albedo would mean that more energy would be returned to space. This would mean a cooler climate.

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Why are sunspots cooler than the surrounding solar surface areas?

  • However, since we are talking about the Sun, cooler means 3800K (6380℉) instead of 5800K (9980℉) Sunspots are cooler because the local magnetic field suppresses convection and prevents heat inside the sun from rising toward the surface. The magnetic field also exerts pressure, which keeps warmer gas away from the area.

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Why are hill stations cooler than other places on earth?

  • The water vapour present at HILL STATIONS is LESS so there is less absorption of HEAT from the SUN which prevents the rise of temperature. My Conclusion is, Temperature don't decrease on climbing up. INSTEAD it can be said that the Atmospheric Temperature increases towards the Surface of earth because of WATER VAPOUR and other GREENHOUSE GASES.

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