Why does an expanding giant star become cooler?

Jordy Nader asked a question: Why does an expanding giant star become cooler?
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❗ Is star wars cooler than star trek?

it for sure is and i stand be hind that

❗ Which is cooler a hotter star or a cooler star?

  • Cooler stars are redder than hotter stars. The ``B-V color index'' is a way of quantifying this using two different filters; one a blue (B) filter that only lets a narrow range of colors or wavelengths through centered on the blue colors, and a ``visual'' (V) filter that only lets the wavelengths close to the green-yellow band through.

❗ How does metal cooler core transform into a giant?

  • The card can transform into Fusion with the Big Gete Star Metal Cooler Core in battle which triggers a scene where Metal Cooler Core takes on its giant battle form which functions as a Giant Form. In World Mission, he is named Metal Cooler Core in the English localization. He is playable as a SP giant character.

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Energy is absorbed in expanding and lifting the gas.

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Is a yellow star such as the sun hotter or cooler than an orange star?

The yellow star is hotter.

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At what temperature does a swamp cooler become ineffective?

According to USA Today, “When the outside temperature soars to 100 degrees (38 C), we're in trouble if the humidity is much above 25%.” As temperatures rise, humidity must decline in order to effectively cool your home.

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How can cities become cooler?

Building materials are major contributors to the urban heat island effect. The use of cool materials on roofs, streets and pavements is an important cooling strategy. A cool surface material has low heat conductivity, low heat capacity, high solar reflectance and high permeability.

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A red star cooler and smaller than our sun?

  • Red dwarfs stars are smaller and cooler than our relatively average star, the Sun. They are also the most common star type in the universe. We think that many red dwarf star systems may have habitable, Earth-like planets that orbit them but replacing our Sun with a red dwarf would be rather disruptive to our Solar System and home planet.

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A star much cooler than the sun would appear?


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How did cooler fuse with the big gete star?

Meta-Cooler Core's Battle Form after having his arm cut off As a result of absorbing Cooler, the Big Gete Star's main computer fused him with it's core, taking on a form known as Meta-Cooler Core, Metal Cooler (nucleus), and Metal Cooler Core.

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What star is smaller and cooler than the sun?


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Which star is cooler rigel or mira and why?


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Does the substance become cooler when it absorbs thermal energy?

i think so

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How much is star wars r2d2 pepsi soda cooler worth?

If it the 1996 pepsi 4ft tall cooler during the Phantom Menace period(extremely RARE), then it can be in the neighborhood of $200-400+ (depending on condition of course).Having stumbled upon this, I just want to clarify something. Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace came out in 1999.

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Which star is cooler and more brighter than the sun?

There are a lot of these. They are mainly the "Red Giant" and "Red Supergiant" stars.

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Air from punchtured tire become cooler?

Yes, as soon as it escapes it becomes cooler.

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When does the weather in central florida become a bit cooler?

Central Florida's weather patterns are much like states to the north of it, in terms of times of year for each season. Florida will get cooler during its winter, between November and February.

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How can jp become a cooler person?

stop trying to be black

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Do plates become more dense or less dense when they become cooler?

Cooler material is more dense and hotter material is less. This means that plates become more dense as they cool.

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How does a warmer liquid become less dense than a cooler liquid?

The motion of molecules in matter increases with temperature. Molecular collisions in a warmer state have more energy than the collisions in a cooler state, tending to increase the volume and therefore reduce the density for a fixed mass.

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Why would a hotter star appear blue-white while a cooler star appear red or not be visible at all?

Basically, the bluer the star's radiation, the hotter its surface will be. Why would a hotter star appear blue-white while a cooler star appear red or not be visible at all? ... The hotter the star the shorter the wavelength it peaks at. A star that emits light across the entire visible spectrum would appear white.

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What benefit is there to purchasing an energy star certified water cooler?

Energy Star certified water coolers use about half the energy that a conventional water cooler does. This can result in substantial savings over time.

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What did cooler fuse with to become metal?

Xeno Golden Meta-Cooler During the New Space-Time War Saga, Golden Metal Cooler is fused with a Two-Star Dark Dragon Ball, alongside his brother (who was fused with a One-Star Dark Dragon Ball), and confronts the deceased Hearts and Goku.

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Does air become hotter or cooler as you extend further up a mountain?

It becomes cooler.

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When propane reacts with oxygen does the surrounding area become warmer or cooler?


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When propane reacts with oxygen does the surroundings area become warmer or cooler?


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When you put ice cubes into water why does the drink become cooler?

the reson why water becomes cooler when ice is put in it is, ice is colder than water, so, if it was to be put in a drink, the ice would melt and the drink would become cooler.

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Do clouds become hotter or cooler as they rise?

they rise heat rises

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What do objects usually do as they become cooler?


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