Why does atmosphere become cooler at higher elevations?

Wilma Wisoky asked a question: Why does atmosphere become cooler at higher elevations?
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❗ Does the atmosphere get warmer or cooler?

Over millions of years, Earth's climate has warmed up and cooled down many times. However, today the planet is warming much faster than it has over human history. Global air temperatures near Earth's surface have gone up about 2 degrees Fahrenheit in the last century.

❗ Why do temperatures become cooler as you go higher above sea level?

because as you go up the sea level gets higher

❗ Why does cooler water have higher oxygen level?

Cold water can hold more dissolved oxygen than warm water. In winter and early spring, when the water temperature is low, the dissolved oxygen concentration is high.

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Higher elevations have less atmosphere to hold heat.

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When the atmosphere is cooler in the geosphere what happens?

The geosphere will warm the atmosphere.

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Does the substance become cooler when it absorbs thermal energy?

i think so

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When you get higher in the exosphere does it get hotter or cooler?

If a person get higher to atmosphere he feels cooler, when he getting higher than atmosphere to exosphere he feels hotter.

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Air from punchtured tire become cooler?

Yes, as soon as it escapes it becomes cooler.

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When does the weather in central florida become a bit cooler?

Central Florida's weather patterns are much like states to the north of it, in terms of times of year for each season. Florida will get cooler during its winter, between November and February.

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Would a higher albedo result in an overall cooler climate?

A higher albedo would mean that more energy would be returned to space. This would mean a cooler climate.

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How can jp become a cooler person?

stop trying to be black

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Which layer of the sun's atmosphere contains the cooler low-density gas?

The photosphere.

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Do plates become more dense or less dense when they become cooler?

Cooler material is more dense and hotter material is less. This means that plates become more dense as they cool.

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How does a warmer liquid become less dense than a cooler liquid?

The motion of molecules in matter increases with temperature. Molecular collisions in a warmer state have more energy than the collisions in a cooler state, tending to increase the volume and therefore reduce the density for a fixed mass.

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What is higher than an eagle but cooler than a penguin?

a lion :) so awesome

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What did cooler fuse with to become metal?

Xeno Golden Meta-Cooler During the New Space-Time War Saga, Golden Metal Cooler is fused with a Two-Star Dark Dragon Ball, alongside his brother (who was fused with a One-Star Dark Dragon Ball), and confronts the deceased Hearts and Goku.

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Does air become hotter or cooler as you extend further up a mountain?

It becomes cooler.

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When propane reacts with oxygen does the surrounding area become warmer or cooler?


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When propane reacts with oxygen does the surroundings area become warmer or cooler?


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When you put ice cubes into water why does the drink become cooler?

the reson why water becomes cooler when ice is put in it is, ice is colder than water, so, if it was to be put in a drink, the ice would melt and the drink would become cooler.

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Why is it that the higher you go the cooler it becomes?

this is due to the reduction in the atmospheric air and therefore at higher elevations the heat holding capacity is reduced

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Do clouds become hotter or cooler as they rise?

they rise heat rises

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What do objects usually do as they become cooler?


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Why is the upper layer of the atmosphere cooler than the surface of the earth?

entropy..the earth is heated from its core. The further you are from the core at the center of the earth the cooler it is.

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Does 10850k have cooler?

You basically just want to run the thing stock, but the 10850k doesn't come with a stock cooler. It's not going to pull much over a hundred watts most likely so anything in the 120-140 range would do.

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Does 3500x include cooler?

Cheapest Zen 2 vs. Ryzen 5 2600 vs. Core i5-9400F

Turns out you can pretty much buy the 3500X anywhere, though the conditions will vary from one region to another. In China it appears to be selling as a regular retail product that comes in a box with cooler and all.

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Does air cooler works?

How does an air cooler work? An air cooler works on the principle of evaporative cooling wherein evaporation of water is used to cool the air… The flowing water extracts the heat from the warm air and starts to evaporate leaving behind cool, fresh and moistened air which is thrown via a fan into the room.

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Does cooler rock rise?

Although the rock in the mantle is solid, the pressures and heat are so great that the rock can deform slowly, like hot wax. So the hot rock creeps upward through the cooler rock… These masses of very hot rock form rising columns with rounded tops, called plumes.

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