Why does my aio cooler make a clicking noise?

Mya Connelly asked a question: Why does my aio cooler make a clicking noise?
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  • A few days ago it started making a strange clicking noise while running. It is not constant, and it's not that loud, but I'm worried it's the sign of something failing. In the attached video, you can hear it a few times, notably towards the very end of the video.


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❗ Why does my liquid cooler make weird noise?

  • If a liquid cooler makes any sort of sloshing sound when you shake it, then it has air. Something that is filled completely with liquid has no ability to 'slosh' and displace air, and therefore would not make noise. A few things can be attempted - laying the PC down on the side, or tilting it while tapping on the pump unit and the tubing.

❗ What kind of noise does a cpu cooler make?

  • Apart from some bearing and clicking sounds at approximately 280 Hz, this CPU cooler makes a whirring and hissing noise that's just unpleasant, which makes it even more annoying than the noise level would indicate.

❗ Why does my swamp cooler make a humming noise?

  • Many homeowners that utilize a swamp cooler in their home may experience a buzzing or humming sound from the cooler. The underlying cause of this noise could eventually lead your cooler to stop running. There are a few different things you can check that might be creating your swamp cooler noise.

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What's the noise level of a 280mm cpu cooler?

  • Its noise level ranges from 16-40 dBA, making it a bit quieter during lower loads than the other options on this list, but also a bit louder during higher loads. Still, though, for just ~$120, the EVGA CLC 280 will offer fairly similar performance to the Corsair iCUE H115i.

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What's the noise level of an intel cpu cooler?

  • Ambient noise level: 10~11 dBA. The Intel cooler tops out at ~2000 RPM and 28~29 dBA though its minimum speed and noise level is a tad higher than the AMD model. Shoot for 1600 RPM or lower to generate quiet operation. Of the two coolers, the Intel model has clearly poorer acoustics, with tonal elements evident throughout its range.

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Why is my swamp cooler making a buzzing noise?

If your cooler is making a buzzing sound and then stops running, one cause could be your bearings. If you do not properly maintain your cooler by keeping the bearings lubricated, they will dry, make noise, and eventually cause the swamp cooler to stop running.

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What can i do about my aio cooler making weird noise?

  • A few things can be attempted - laying the PC down on the side, or tilting it while tapping on the pump unit and the tubing. Also, depending on the tube orientation leaving the pump and the tube orientation on the radiator and how it is mounted in the case, this might take longer or shorter amounts of time.

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What's the maximum noise level of a ryzen 7 cpu cooler?

  • The AMD Wraith Stealth has a maximum noise level of 28 dBa. The AMD Wraith Spire has a maximum noise level of 32 dBa. The AMD Wraith Max is the top-of-the-line Ryzen 7 CPU cooler, with a maximum noise level of 38 dBa. Next Page > The Be Quiet! Ryzen 7 CPU Coolers Part 1/2 Support Tech ARP!

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