Why does the gulf of mexico stay cooler than the land during summer?

Niko Roberts asked a question: Why does the gulf of mexico stay cooler than the land during summer?
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❗ Why does water stay cooler than land?

it is because water has more thermal mass its slower to heat than to cool

❗ Why are hills cooler than plains during summer?

The hills are cooler during summer as air density decreses up the hills so does the temperature. Air becomescooler with altitude because the heat is lost by radiation from the earth and as the air expands, it cools.

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❗ Why are hills cooler during summer?

due to the curvature of the earth,the amount of solar energy received varies according to latitude.As a result temperature generally decreases from the equator towards The Poles.As one goes from the surface of the earth to higher altitudes atmosphere becomes less dense and temperature decreases.The hills are therefore cooler during summer.

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It stays cooler because it is soo deep so it will take a while to warm up which means that the gulf is warmer than the land during the winter. In short it takes all winter to cool all summer to warm.

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Why is mumbai cooler than jaipur in summer?

Mumbai is cooler than Jaipur because Jaipur is 431m above sea level,while mumbia is 437m above sealevel.The higher the altitude is the cooler it is.So mumbai is cooler than Jaipur

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Why is shimla cooler than delhi in summer?

Shimla is cooler than Delhi because it is located far away from the equator and receives slanting rays of the sun while Delhi is nearer to the equator and receives direct rays of the sun.

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Why shimla is cooler than delhi in summer?

  • Shimla is cooler than Delhi in summer as it is located at a higher altitude than that of Delhi. Thus due to Normal Lapse Rate Shimla enjoys a cooler climate than Delhi. Concept: Seasons –March to May – Summer

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Why is the bottom of the pond cooler than the top during the hot summer day?

Heat rises to the surface, and cooler water sinks to the bottom of the pond.

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Why sea side is cooler than land side?

sea is warmer than land

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Is gulf stream getting cooler?

  • Sandy has used the warmth of the ocean and the Gulf Stream , converting it into energy to power up. Left behind were ocean temperatures 4 to 6 degrees cooler. Some of the cooling is also due to the mixing of the ocean layers as a storm is passing over.

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Even in summer shimla is cooler than delhi why?

  • During summers, the plains of the Indian subcontinent are intensely heated that develops a low pressure. Shimla is cooler than Delhi in summer as it is located at a higher altitude than that of Delhi. Thus due to Normal Lapse Rate, Shimla enjoys a cooler climate than Delhi.

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Do any graphics cards stay cooler than others?

There's no significant difference -- all graphics processors will produce a varying amount of heat depending on the workload.

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Do white cars stay cooler than darker cars?

  • (PhysOrg.com) -- From an environment standpoint, silver and white cars are cool; black cars are not. A light-colored shell reflects more sunlight than a dark car shell. The cooler the color, the cooler the cabin air, and the less of a need to run your air conditioner.

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How cold does cooler stay?

cooler hacks cooler box

Keeping the Temperature of Your Cooler in Check

Perishable food should be kept at 40 degrees or colder. Most coolers or ice chests are not reliably that cold and you should not try to keep food as long in the cooler as you do at home in a refrigerator.

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Why is coneyisland always cooler in the summer than fort greene?

coney island is cooler in the summer because the cool breeze of the ocean is closer to coney island making it cooler

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Why is portland oregon cooler than minneapolis minnesota in the summer?

Mostly because Portland gets the ocean breezes and Minneapolis does not.

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Why is the air cooler during night time than daytime?

The air is cooler around the sea during the daytime, and the air is cooler around land during nighttime. This is because there is an uneven heating of liquids at different times. This is caused by convectional currents.

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Why is air on land cooler than the air on water?

Air on land is cooler than air on water because water is much warmer than land. This is because of the under water volcanoes and since water is deeper than land it is more closer to the core. Oceans are also known for storing heat. To sum up the air on land is cooler than air on water because water stores more heat than land does making air over land cool and nice.

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Which one is cooler a city or a forest during a hot summer day?

The forest is cooler. More shade and no concrete or blacktop to absorb and radiate the heat.

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During the evening the land cools faster than the seawater. the air over sea is warmer and has a lower air pressure than the air over the land. the cooler air from the land side blows in the directio?


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Why are summer temperatures along california coast cooler than coast of south carolina?

Could be evaporation, ocean currents, latitude or altitude. In the end, you decide.

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Does a cooler with water stay colder?

  • As long as there is still ice in the water, the contents in the water will stay as cold as the water. If you need the contents of your cooler to stay at or near frozen, this will be a problem.

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Why is it generally cooler in the nights than during the day?

because there is no sun

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Does ethanol burn cooler than gasoline?

  • Some people have reported engines overheating when ethanol blends are used, suggesting that ethanol burns "hotter." This is a bit mysterious since ethanol contains less energy per unit volume than gasoline, and the flame temperature of ethanol is more than 40°C cooler than gasoline.

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Which cooler is best for summer?

  • Bajaj Platini PX97 – BEST SELLING AIR COOLER…
  • Maharaja Whiteline Rambo AC-303 65L – VALUE FOR MONEY AIR COOLER.
  • Crompton Ozone 75 – BEST AIR COOLER FOR LARGE ROOMS.

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How long does a cooler bag stay cold?

How Long Do Insulated Lunch Bags Keep Food Cold? With an ice pack, insulated lunch bags will stay cold for roughly 2 to 2.5 hours, but even that's not foolproof. You should always try to get your food into the refrigerator as soon as possible or it becomes risky to eat.

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How long does a cooler box stay cold?

If you follow our advice above when using a cool box it can be effective for as much as 24-48hrs. That said it tends to be the larger versions that are able to provide 2 days of cooling.

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How long does a styrofoam cooler stay cold?

How Long Does Ice Last in a Styrofoam Cooler? How long your ice stays frozen in a Styrofoam Cooler also depends on the ice type. While dry ice stored in these coolers can last up to 18-24 hours, water ice ideally retains 12-24 hours. Smaller styrofoam coolers cannot hold much ice and have low insulating capabilities.

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