Why is it clear night is more cooler than a cloudy night?

Viva Kerluke asked a question: Why is it clear night is more cooler than a cloudy night?
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❗ Why are cloudy days cooler but cloudy nights warmer than the clear ones?

Cloudy nights are warmer because the clouds do not allow the heat of Earth to escape into the atmosphere

❗ Why are cloudy days cooler than sunny days?

  • if skies are cloudy, some of the sun's rays are reflected off the cloud droplets back into space. Therefore, less of the sun's energy is able to reach the earth's surface, which causes the earth to heat up more slowly. This leads to cooler temperatures. Moreoverclouds do not allow the sun rays to fall on the earth.

❗ Why is night cooler than the day?

no sun

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Clouds are natures "blanket". Cloudy night: The heat is held close to earth's surface. Clear night: The heat radiates off into space.

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Why the desert is cooler than a swamp at night?

The high humidity and cloud cover of a swamp act as a blanket, holding in the day's heating. The desert lacks humidity and clouds so the heat radiates back into space.

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Which star is cooler and more brighter than the sun?

There are a lot of these. They are mainly the "Red Giant" and "Red Supergiant" stars.

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Does an object that's cooler than its surroundings emit more radiation than it absorbs?

An object that's cooler than its surroundingsabsorbsmore radiation than it emits.

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Does cooler magama flow more or less quickly than hotter magma?

Cooler magma flows slower than hotter magma.

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Does cooler magma flow more or less quickly than hotter magma?

when magma is melted at a higher temp. it'll be more runny so cooler magma will be slower than hotter magma

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How can arcturus be cooler and more luminous than the sun?

It is much larger and has a greater surface area than the Sun, so each unit of area can be cooler and less luminous than an equal area on the Sun.

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Is meta cooler stronger than cooler?

Yes, Meta Cooler is much stronger than Cooler. Cooler in his 5th form was defeated by SSJ Goku; however, Meta Cooler was defeated only by SSJ Goku and SSJ Vegeta at full power.

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Is it true that warm air holds more water than cooler air?

  • Therefore the supposed paradigm that warm air “holds more water” than cooler air is completely false. If you hear your source for weather information make such a statement, hit him over the head with a HAMweather bat, and point him in the right direction.

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Warmer objects radiate more infrared radiation than cooler objects true or false?

True , because the warmer objects give off more infrared radiation than cooler objects ..

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When the sky is cloudy the air is cooler why?

actually the air is warmer because the clouds act as insulation and keep the heat in

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Is cooler air more dense?

yeh, cooler air is more dense. that's the reason for fog and rain.

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Are dogs cooler than cats?

Well, you can't really answer this question because there are people who think dogs are better and then there are others who think cats are better.Answer:According to the Veterinary Information for Cats site, a cat's normal temperature ranges from 100.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. The normal body temperature for dogs ranges between 99.5° to 102.5°F. So while dogs and cats may be the same temperature in some cases the potential for dogs to be slightly cooler does exist.

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Are kids cooler than parents?

In some ways, Yes

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Are leggings cooler than jeans?

  • jeans depending on the type are USUALLY warmer but if you find a pare of thick leggings they can be really warm. jeggings are a cross between the 2 and what i find is warmest. Is this still revelant? Katy16 | 431 opinions shared on Fashion & Beauty topic.

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Are pandas cooler than penguins?

No, penguins are in fact cooler than pandas.

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Are penguins cooler than monkeys?

Penguins are cooler than monkeys because they live in the Antarctic while the monkey is from the rain forest

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Are samoans cooler than americans?

No, neither one is cooler than the other. Americans and Samoans are each cool in the generally common way of being human on planet Earth. Additionally, they each are cool in the specific ways in which different cultures each have something to offer to world culture.

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Are ssds cooler than hdds?

  • SSD benefit: Quieter, cooler – SSDs make less noise and run cooler than HDDs with spinning disks and mechanical arms. SSD benefit: Less data fragmentation – Data on SSDs is stored in larger, tighter memory sections than on HDDs. On the other hand, an SSD will cost two to three times more than an HDD.

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Are you cooler than dimiter?


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Is canada cooler than usa?

Canada is colder than the U.S on average as well as the lowest temperature of all times. However, some places in the USA, such as Alaska is colder than some places in Canada, such as Toronto to name one such place.

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Is cell stronger than cooler?

Perfect Cell is more powerful than MSSJ Goku. So is 1 Meta-Cooler, as it took MSSJ Goku and ASSJ Vegeta to beat it. Perfect Cell however, gets a boost and turns into Super Perfect Cell. Meta-Cooler on the other hand, keeps on "fixing and improving" himself each time he gets damaged.

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Is cooler cheaper than ac?

Air coolers are cheaper compared to Air Conditioners

50,000… Apart from the purchase cost, the operating cost of the Air cooler is very less. The Air cooler costs around 80% less electricity bill compared to Air conditioners. For example, if the monthly AC bill is Rs, 2000 then air cooler bill go hardly Rs.

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Cooler is older than Frieza

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