Why is my transmission cooler not connecting to the radiator?

Britney Kutch asked a question: Why is my transmission cooler not connecting to the radiator?
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  • Problem is that there is not enough room between the raised ridge of the tube where the secondary plastic locks in place and the actual quick release fitting against the radiator. OR, the round piece that pushes in is too thick to fit between the pipe and fitting.


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❗ Should i bypass radiator transmission cooler?

“Should I bypass a radiator transmission cooler?” No. Automatic transmissions generate a lot of heat — heat that breaks down the fluid that courses through them to make them function. When the fluid breaks down, it can no longer protect the bits that need protecting, so things start wearing and having problems.

❗ Can i bypass the radiator transmission cooler?

Expert Reply: I verified with my contact at Derale that the Derale Hyper-Cool Transmission Cooler, # D15960, will work to bypass your radiator and cool your transmission fluid… If you choose to mount the cooler further away from the radiator, then you will likely need an additional length of hose.

❗ Does a transmission cooler bypass the radiator?

If you live in a warm climate it is recommended that you bypass the original factory transmission cooler inside the radiator. If you live in a cold climate it is recommended that you run the add on transmission cooler in series with the original factory transmission cooler inside the radiator.

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How do you know if a radiator has a auxiliary transmission oil cooler on it?

If there are lines coming from the transmission to the radiator, it has a cooler in the radiator. If there are lines from the transmission to an external heat exchanger, that would be an auxiliary cooler.

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Are cooler lines leaking at radiator?

  • In most cases, the radiator cools the automatic transmission fluid. Transmission cooler lines leaking at the radiator puts car owners in a distressing situation. So, as soon as the transmission cooler lines at the radiator of your car are starting to leak, you should immediately take necessary steps to prevent a further issue from arising.

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Is an oil cooler a radiator?

Oil cooling is the use of engine oil as a coolant, typically to remove surplus heat from an internal combustion engine. The hot engine transfers heat to the oil which then usually passes through a heat-exchanger, typically a type of radiator known as an oil cooler.

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Is the very small cooler in front of the ac radiator on a 2008 santa fe se a transmission cooler?


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Does trans oil cooler hookup to radiator?

  • Transmission coolers do not attach to the radiator. They attach in-line with the transmission fluid return line. It is common for an OEM transmission cooler to be built into the radiator tank to be cooled by the coolant in the radiator. 20.

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What size transmission cooler?

  • When it comes to automatic transmission coolers, bigger is always better. This cooler measures 8-1/4 X 13-inches (Earl’s #24200ERL). It's big but as indicated in the text, it's impossible to overcool an automatic transmission.

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What will cause your transmission to heat in my 2000 chevy 2500 silverado i have installed new transmission and new oil cooler plus i flushed radiator cooler.?

Might be a blockage in the lines or fittings. Disconnect the return line and direct the line into drain pan then have someone start the truck briefly. You should have a nice flow coming out. If not you have a blockage somewhere. It doesn't take much to block a hole in a fitting like a small piece of rubber hose.

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How do your replace the radiator on a 1999 gmc jimmy 4 dr 4x4 with transmission cooler and engine cooler eoc?

you read the directions!HAHA!

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Can a transmission cooler help preserve transmission fluid?

  • One the obvious effects of burnt transmission fluid is that it can cause overheating of your transmission. Because of this, it is best to use a transmission cooler to help preserve your transmission fluid. If you have right automatic transmission oil cooler for your car, truck or SUV, burnt fluid will not be a problem for you.

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Is the transmission cooler part of the transmission?

Often when you have transmission work done, the shop will recommend to replace the radiator and the reason is the transmission cooler is part of the radiator and this one we broke open you can see the transmission fluid goes in one pipe…

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Do you remove the transmission cooler lines to take a radiator out of a 1995 pontiac grand am?

yes, anytime you have to take a radiator out of an automatic car the tranny lines have to come off the radiator.

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How do you install a cooler master radiator?

  • Install the CPU bracket, beware of the bracket direction. Use the screw M of the accessories pack to fasten the bracket. Place the absorbing rubber. Fasten cooling fans with screw G. Install the radiator with screw J. Please use the screw J of the accessories pack. Otherwise, it may damage the radiator!!

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Is the s340 a radiator or air cooler?

  • Here’s a look at the configuration, though we obviously used a radiator (X42) instead of the air cooler: Results for the S340 were consistent with the RL06, which has the same conventional front intake, rear/top exhaust system.

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Which is better cooler line or radiator fitting?

  • To make up a durable, reliable set of transmission lines that are better and probably cheaper than OEM,go to this company: Fitzall * TRANSMISSION 3/8" COOLER LINE REPAIR FITTING, FORD RADIATOR. They have brass compression fittings that directly replace the cast iron OEM press in fittings that you can only get by buying a radiator.

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Why do you put fluid cooler in radiator?

  • By placing the fluid cooler inside the radiator, the engine’s coolant helps bring the transmission up to temp faster and maintains a consistent temperature better than a stand-alone. If you are towing, however, an extra cooler, used in addition to the radiator trans cooler, will help keep the transmission from overheating.

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Can i bypass transmission cooler?

Sometimes stall companies include a transmission cooler with their stall kits. -While Tube and Fin style coolers are cheaper, they are not as effecient as the Stacked Plate style. -Manufacturers (including B&M) recommend to run aftermarket coolers in addition to the factory cooler, not to bypass the factory cooler.

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Does prado have transmission cooler?

Our Toyota Prado 150 Series Transmission Cooler allows your transmission to maintain normal operating temperatures even while towing or going offroad and it is both durable and reliable as 4WD'ing in this country demands.

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Is a transmission cooler necessary?

Do I Need a Transmission Cooler? Transmission coolers help to protect your transmission when you turn up the heat… For the same reason, the addition of an auxiliary transmission fluid cooler isn't just necessary for those who tow trailers anymore.

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Is a transmission cooler required?

While some vehicles can get by without adding an external transmission cooler, most will need it… Most vehicles utilize a transmission cooler inside the radiator, and more heavy duty vehicles will supplement with an external cooler in front of the radiator and air conditioning condenser.

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What does transmission cooler do?

  • A transmission cooler will just help to prolong the life of the transmission by keeping the fluid cooler. Transmission fluid cannot be cooled too much, so the addition of a cooler is a good idea, especially if you are towing. 8. Does the transmission cooler do anything if you are not towing?

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What is a transmission cooler?

Transmission Coolers extend the life of your transmission.

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What is auto transmission cooler?

  • Transmission Cooler. The transmission cooler is a small radiator that cools the automatic transmission fluid as it circulates through the transmission. It can be a separate unit or integrated into the engine radiator .

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What is transmission oil cooler?

The oil cooler is designed to lower the temperature of the transmission fluid to make it easier for the internal parts of the transmission to use. There are two types of transmission coolers, the type found inside the radiator or the kind that is external to the radiator that usually sits in front of the AC condenser.

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Where is the transmission cooler?

  • In a down-flow radiator, the transmission oil cooler is located in the bottom portion of the radiator. In a cross-flow radiator, the transmission oil cooler is located in the side of the radiator. • Transmission oil cooler assemblies consist of metal tubing or an assembly of metal tubing and rubber hose.

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