Why is the temperature cooler in the winter and hotter in the summer?

Whitney Barton asked a question: Why is the temperature cooler in the winter and hotter in the summer?
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❗ Why are winter days cooler than summer days?

Because the Earth is tilted on its access away from the Sun, there for we get less sunlight and less sunlight means colder weather.

❗ Places in florida where temperature are cooler in summer?

10 Authentic Places to Cool Off from the Florida Heat

  • Blue Spring State Park (Volusia County)
  • Crystal River (Citrus County)
  • Ginnie Springs (Alachua County)
  • Ichetucknee Springs & River State Park (Columbia County)
  • Madison Blue Springs State Park (Madison County)
  • Rainbow Springs State Park (Marion County)

❗ Why is water cooler in summer and warmer on winter?

It is very hard to change the temperature of the water. The water would be cooler in the summer than the land, since the sun doesn't effect it that much and it's warmer in the winter since the cold doesn't change it that much.

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tilt of the earth on its axis. tilt of the earth on its axis.

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Are sunspots hotter or cooler than normal sun?

  • Because sunspots are cooler than the rest of the sun's surface, they look darker. At the same time, the hot gases blocked by these sunspots flow into the areas around them, making those areas even hotter and brighter than normal. This contrast makes sunspots stand out even more.

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Is it hotter or cooler at the beach?

When the land heats up, the air above it heats up as well. On the other hand, the ocean heats up and cools down relatively slowly. Therefore, areas near the ocean generally stay cooler during the day and have a more moderate temperature range than inland areas.

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What causes summers to be hotter or cooler?

  • During the summer, the sun’s rays hit the Earth at a steep angle. The light does not spread out as much, thus increasing the amount of energy hitting any given spot. Also, the long daylight hours allow the Earth plenty of time to reach warm temperatures.

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Can air cooler reduce room temperature?

Your room temperature can be significantly reduced by air coolers even at the height of the summer heat… Once you pay proper attention to these factors, air coolers will keep the perfect temperature in your home through the natural process of evaporative cooling.

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Is our planet's temperature getting cooler?

No. The earth's temperature is getting warmer. Just about every year there are new heat records broken all around the world.

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What is the temperature for cooler?

the temperature is 35 degrees fahrenheit

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Which cooler is best for summer?

  • Bajaj Platini PX97 – BEST SELLING AIR COOLER…
  • Maharaja Whiteline Rambo AC-303 65L – VALUE FOR MONEY AIR COOLER.
  • Crompton Ozone 75 – BEST AIR COOLER FOR LARGE ROOMS.

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Why are hills cooler during summer?

due to the curvature of the earth,the amount of solar energy received varies according to latitude.As a result temperature generally decreases from the equator towards The Poles.As one goes from the surface of the earth to higher altitudes atmosphere becomes less dense and temperature decreases.The hills are therefore cooler during summer.

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Are blue stars hotter or cooler than red stars?

According to Wien's law, red stars are cooler than blue stars. This concept can be easier to understand using a light bulb. For example, when you turn off a light, the temperature of the bulb will decrease and you will notice the bulb turning red. The cooler light becomes, you will notice the obvious change in brightness and the color shifts towards red and the intensity is lowered.

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Are sunspot hotter or cooler than the surrounding areas?


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Are sunspots cooler or hotter on the suns surface?

they are cooler

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Are sunspots cooler or hotter than rest of sun?

  • Sunspots are cooler than the rest of the Sun, but many scientists think that when there are a lot of sunspots, the Sun actually gets hotter. This affects the weather here on Earth, and also radio reception.

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Do clouds become hotter or cooler as they rise?

they rise heat rises

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Is earths mantle hotter or cooler than the crust?

The mantle is hotter than the crust.

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Why are cooler stars red and hotter stars blue?

Ever wondered why some stars appear slightly blue and others red? ... Quite simply, the colour of a star is a measure of its surface temperature. Cooler stars emit more of their light at longer wavelengths and so appear redder; hotter stars emit more of their light at shorter wavelengths and so appear bluer.

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How much temperature can air cooler reduce?

A residential cooler should be able to decrease the temperature of air to within 3 to 4 °C (5 to 7 °F) of the wet bulb temperature. It is simple to predict cooler performance from standard weather report information.

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What temperature is a cooler with ice?

When leaving your food in a cooler, you can ensure that the temperature is staying below 40 degrees by filling it with lots of ice, keeping the most perishable food closest to the ice, and sticking a kitchen thermometer at the top of the cooler to ensure that it's at 40 degrees or below.

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What temperature should a floral cooler be?

Floral coolers are made with oversized and balanced refrigeration systems to help maintain an even temperature, even when the doors are opened to retrieve products. Most flowers, not including tropical plants and some bulb flowers, do best between 33 and 35 degrees F.

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What temperature should a in cooler be?

wine cooler

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandates that refrigerated products must be kept at 41 Degrees Fahrenheit or lower. But the colder the food is the longer it will last, making 38F an ideal temperature for commercial refrigeration. Freezer temperature ranges are generally much colder.

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Which temperature is cooler -2 or -10?


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How can i make my summer cooler?

  1. Eat spicy foods…
  2. Sleep under a damp towel or sheet…
  3. Set your ceiling fan to run counter-clockwise…
  4. Eat less salty food and protein…
  5. Wet your curtains…
  6. Buy or build an ice-pack hat…
  7. Put a bowl of ice in front of your fan.

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