You are saving around 5k to 6k you want to buy a psp but you want to buy a air cooler for your granny both costs the same?

Jennie Senger asked a question: You are saving around 5k to 6k you want to buy a psp but you want to buy a air cooler for your granny both costs the same?
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âť— Is it ok use both air conditioner and evaporative cooler at the same time?

why wouldn't it be?

âť— Is wine cooler same as alcopop?

These malt-based coolers, while sometimes referred to as "wine coolers", are in a different category of beverage—sometimes called "malt beverage", "malternative", or just "cooler"… To circumvent higher taxation, some German producers have switched to wine coolers, which are being marketed in the same way as alcopops.

âť— Is a transmission cooler the same as an oil cooler?

Transmission, differential, and power steering coolers do the same thing an engine oil cooler does. They transfer heat away from the lubricating oil… Ditto for power steering fluid, which is hydraulic and always under pressure.

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Air cooler.

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Faucet a can fill a water cooler in 8 minutes. faucet b can fill the same water cooler in 12 minutes. how long will it take both faucets together to fill the water cooler?

In one minute, A will fill 1/8 of the cooler. Meanwhile, B will fill 1/12 of the cooler in one minute. Let's put them in a common denominator: 1/8 * 12 = 12/96 1/12 * 8 = 8/96 12/96 + 8/96 = 20/96, which simplifies down to 5/24. So the combined faucets are getting 5/24th of the cooler filled per minute. After four minutes they will have filled 20/4ths fo the cooler, and they will have finished before the end of the fifth minute. To be specific, in one minute they would fill 5/24ths of the cooler, but only have 4 more to fill, so only 4/5 of the last minute is used. One cooler divided by a rate of 5/24 per minute gives us 4.8, or 4 and 4/5 of a minute to fill the cooler exactly, which matches what we had above.

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Beverage cooler for your desk?

There are several different types of portable beverage coolers in the market. The best reviewed one to be found is manufactured by CoolIT Systems. It features a USB connection, a super quiet fan, and a chill plate in a sleek design,

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Are cooler mounts for 1156 and 1151 the same?

lga1200 cooler

Yes. They both (1156 and 1151) have the same dimensions for the cooler mounting holes (75mm x 75mm).

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Is a fan the same as an air cooler?

  • Air Cooler Vs Fan Both air coolers and fans serve the same purpose – cooling. The difference lies in the mechanism of both and their efficiency. An air cooler is rooted in the principle of evaporative cooling.

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Is a wine cooler the same as a fridge?

Wine coolers and wine refrigerators have subtle differences. Both appliances serve the same purpose: the proper storage of wine, whether red or white. A beverage fridge is similar to a wine fridge. Be wary, however, about storing your wines with other beverages—the wine will need a higher temperature.

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Is an oil cooler the same as a radiator?

Oil cooling is the use of engine oil as a coolant, typically to remove surplus heat from an internal combustion engine. The hot engine transfers heat to the oil which then usually passes through a heat-exchanger, typically a type of radiator known as an oil cooler.

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Why is a swimming pool cooler than the sidewalk around it?

One of the qualities of water is that it takes a lot of energy to heat it or to cool it.

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What's the best way to keep your cooler cooler?

  • The key of how to keep cooler cold is using a big block of ice (or ice block). Don’t get the little ice cubes that are sold everywhere because the big ice block melts slower since they have less air-contacting surface. You can buy the big ice block or make them at home by yourself. It is simple.

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How to make your ac cooler in your car?

  • Start by pulling air from outside the vehicle to make things feel cooler, quicker. Leave the A/C button off at first. Turn the fan to its maximum speed and make sure the airflow is set to "outside" mode. Then, once you've forced out some of the humid, hot air that's accumulated in the car, turn on the A/C and switch to "recirculate" airflow mode.

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Can you change your cpu cooler?

  • You can re-use the CPU cooler from your current system or replace it with a new one, but if your new CPU doesn’t include thermal paste in the package, you’ll need to get that as well. Thermal paste helps conduct heat from your CPU into the CPU cooler, and it’s a necessity.

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Does nitrous make your engine cooler?

So the injection of nitrous oxide into an engine means that more oxygen is available during combustion… When it vaporizes, nitrous oxide provides a significant cooling effect on the intake air.

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Does ssd keep your computer cooler?

cpu cooler

A ssd typically runs cooler in a minor percentage range, but generally speaking you would not choose a ssd over a hdd for temp reasons. The difference would be negligible.

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How safe is your water cooler?

  • Water coolers are commonly used in the home, office, or in other places. Generally, the water from these coolers is considered safe to drink. Proper use of the cooler will prevent bacteria contamination, so keep these pointers in mind when using a cooler. Never touch the spout with your cup or hands.

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How to find your cpu cooler?

  • To find out which CPU cooler is installed on your PC, follow these steps: Check the label on the CPU cooler. Uninstall any installed CPUs and remove the current CPU cooler. Compare the label on the old CPU cooler to the ones you have lying around and see how many pipes it has.

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How to make your clothes cooler?

To score the same next level-style just follow these easy tips for making any outfit instantly cooler.

  1. Knot a button-down shirt to show off your waist…
  2. Belt your layers…
  3. Cuff your jeans…
  4. Stack your rings…
  5. Cinch a shapeless dress.
  6. Knot an oversized tee…
  7. Add a scarf to update a basic look.

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How to make your upstairs cooler?

Simple Fixes to Help Cool Your Upstairs

  1. Properly open vents, don't block return air supply. Let the air flow! ...
  2. Install lightly colored curtains or drapes…
  3. Keep heat-generating appliances off…
  4. Run a fan (when you're in the room) ...
  5. Keep your HVAC fan set to 'on' ...
  6. Inspect your ductwork…
  7. Check your insulation.

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Is rigel cooler than your sun?

No, it is not cooler than my sun.

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Should you cover your swamp cooler?

After cleaning your system thoroughly, you should cover your cooler with some kind of protective cover. Protective covers keep winter dust from getting into the motor and air ducts so when you turn your system on in the spring you don't get all that dust into your home.

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Should you pre-cool your cooler?

Pre-Cool Your Cooler

Loading a warm cooler that has been stored in a hot garage or car will waste a significant amount of ice to just bring down the temperature of the cooler. Store your cooler at room temperature and then pre-cool it with ice overnight before packing it the next day.

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Do the 2600 and 2600x come with the same cooler?

wraith spire cooler box cooler

2600 comes with wraith stealth cooler and 2600X comes with wraith spire cooler. Both work well for the CPU they accompany.

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Is a cpu cooler the same as a heat sink?

cooler master liquid cpu cooler

They are arguably the same, just depends on whom you ask. A heatsink is a component in CPU cooling. The heatsink is the aluminum piece that sits beneath the CPU fan. A CPU Cooler is more commonly an aftermarket variation.

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Is a water cooler and a water dispenser the same?

  • But a water cooler can differ from a water dispenser, and there are some must-have features, so be informed before you start shopping to get the right one for your home. While both types are dispensers, a water dispenser is not necessarily a water cooler.

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Is an evaporative cooler the same as an air conditioner?

  • Yes, Evaporative Air Coolers are the same as Evaporative Air Conditioners. The words can be used interchangeably, however have the same meaning with regards to types of Air Conditioning. Evaporative Cooler vs Air Conditioner Terms

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Is power steering hose same as transmission oil cooler hose?

No, they are different.

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Why does the same room temperature inside your home feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter?

The said temperature is cooler compared to the surrounding environment in the Summer and warmer in the winter. Just because there is a temperature difference between the environment and the said temperature, it creates the illusion that it is cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter.

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Is a whole-house fan the same as a swamp cooler?

In dry climates it's common for people to use evaporative ("swamp") coolers; same idea as sweat evaporating off your skin cooling you off. Whole-house fans use a completely different principle: instead of cooling air they just trade it…

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Where do your oil cooler lines go on your 6.2l diesel?

Okay 2 types of oil cooling system fitted to these trucks. Light duty , and heavy duty. light duty, Oil cooler lines go from the oil filter housing to the radiator. oil cooler is built into the radiator. Heavy duty, Oil cooler lines go from the oil filter housing under the radiator and in front of the radiator there is a mini oil cooler.

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Why does ice melting in your drink make your drink cooler?

Melting requires energy: the heat energy in your drink is used to melt the ice.

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Can motor oils keep your engine cooler?

Oil coolers extend the life of your vehicle's engine and reduce the chance of overheating under extreme conditions. For example, if you haul a trailer uphill for long distances, then chances are that your engine works at maximum capacity for a long time. This creates a lot of heat that needs a way to dissipate.

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Can you use your old cpu cooler?

Honorable. Well as those two CPUs belong to the same socket design i.e. FCLGA 1155, The old cooler should fit the new cpu just fine. But as i5-3470 has 77W TDP compared to 35W of G440, it consumes more power and therefore would run much hotter.

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Do tinted windows make your car cooler?

  • Tinting your car’s windows will help keep your car more comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside. But that doesn’t mean it’s the be-all-end-all option. It’s Not the Only Thing You Can Do Tinting helps keep your car cooler, but there’s always more you can do to keep the heat out of your ride.

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Do windows down make your car cooler?

  • Believe it or not, one researcher actually tested this back in the 1980s: A study in Pediatrics found that cracking the window 5 centimeters lowered the temperature in a car by about 28°F on a 98°F day . The interior air was still hot—it reached a stifling 122°F—but that’s still better than the 150°F they measured with the windows fully closed.

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Do wood floors keep your house cooler?

Wood floors do have certain insulation benefits and properties, but they also retain heat, so there is no significant difference.

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Does antifreeze make your car run cooler?

  • Yes! Besides cooling your car’s engine and keeping it from freezing, antifreeze acts as a liquid that resists corrosion, whereas pure water would corrode engine parts and not properly lubricate the moving water pump.

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Does dusting your computer make it cooler?

Processor throttling slows down your computer to avoid overheating by using less power. When dust builds up inside the cabinet, then airflow within the cabinet doesn't occur. This then leads to the parts becoming hotter… Dust also insulates the cooling surfaces of your computer, which makes heating worse.

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Does window tint keep your car cooler?

Does Window Tint Keep My Car Cooler? Window tinting definitely keeps vehicle interiors cooler. The problem with car windows (the windshield in particular) is that they are designed to give you a wide view outside, but this also lets massive amounts of solar energy inside, heating your car to uncomfortable temperatures.

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How do you make your body cooler?

Step 1 Take off clothes. Step 2 Jump in freezer.

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How do you make your computer cooler?

Extreme computer users have overclocked the computer and bolted a refrigerator underneath the computer in an attempt to keep the computer cooler. Normal people use the computer near a window were there is natural ventilation

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How do you make your friend cooler?

you should not have to make your friend cooler, you should like you friend for themselves and how much you care about them. don't try and change people.

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How do you make your handwriting cooler?

Practice it. You might go to a library and look up books on calligraphy, if you're really interested in this.

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How do you make your tv cooler?

well decorate it and maybe save up to get somthing cooler than your old tv

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How to make your ac run cooler?

How to Make Your Air Conditioner Run Colder

  1. Keep the outdoor condenser coil clear of dust and debris…
  2. Put in a new air filter every month during the cooling season…
  3. Find and fix air leaks in your home.

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How to make your dorm room cooler?

How do I keep my dorm room cool?

  1. Turn off the lights…
  2. Hang a wet sheet in front of an open window.
  3. Invest in a Chillow.
  4. Create a cross-breeze.
  5. Wear loose-fitting clothes that are light in color.
  6. Stick your sheets in the fridge or freezer.
  7. Keep your blinds closed.
  8. Keep your door(s) closed.

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How to make your own cooler scooter?

  • You can make your own cooler scooter by reusing that old favorite cooler and scooter in the back of the garage. If you decide to re-purpose old parts or buy brand new ones, putting together a cooler scooter is just a matter of combining these two items. Research preassembled cooler scooters online.

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How to make your room instantly cooler?

Try these tricks to push warm air out and let cool air in for nearly instant comfort.

  1. Switch to CFL or LED Bulbs…
  2. Hang Dry Clothes and Handwash Dishes…
  3. Limit Hot Meals…
  4. Invest in a Misting Fan…
  5. Shut Off Computers and Screens More Frequently…
  6. Switch to Insulated Curtains or Honeycomb Blinds…
  7. Create Natural Convection.

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How to make your tower fan cooler?

air cooler tower fan air cooler fan

If you're really struggling to stay cool, for instance, during the peak of the day when it's hottest outside, place a bucket of ice in front of your tower fan as a homemade AC unit. The ice cools the air pushed out by the fan, which then circulates around the room.

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How to turn off your swamp cooler?

  • Disconnect the Water Line from the Cooler First, unplug or disconnect your swamp cooler, and then locate the valve that supplies water to the system. Shut this valve off, and disconnect the water line from the supply valve and from the cooler. Then, make sure that water is emptied from the valve completely. Why does my swamp cooler shut off?

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How well does your swamp cooler work?

  • Since swamp coolers work by putting water into the dry air , they act as humidifiers. This is great in dryer climates, because humidity can also be too low for comfort. Under the right conditions the water-laden breeze also can have a secondary effect of helping the skin's perspiration, resulting in an even cooler feel than the swamp cooler would give on its own.

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What's the best cooler for your money?

  • Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler…
  • Pelican Elite Cooler…
  • Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Hardbody Cooler…
  • Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler…
  • Igloo BMX 25 Quart Cooler…
  • YETI Hopper M30 Portable Soft Cooler…
  • Otterbox Trooper LT 30 Cooler…
  • Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler.

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When should you winterize your swamp cooler?

Typically, you should start thinking about turning off your swamp cooler and turning on your furnace when the nights drop below 50° and days are in the low 70°'s.

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